The mind wants certainty. It wants control. Anything beyond its drive for domination and control threatens it. It abhores what it cannot label, catalogue or name. 

It abhores the unruliness of life’s abandon; its profligate generosity and unending fecund creativity which sees nothing but Itself at play on the stage of life called Manifest Reality. The mind creates story around key resonators: shame, blame, name and fame.

When we see through the prism of judgements and opinions, beliefs and “objective” observations, we are seeing through the mind.

We can only see “out there” a confirmation of our own inner landscapes, a fulfillment of our own inner expectations, positive or negative. So where we stand in ourselves, the beliefs, opinions and judgements whose validity or truth we seldom question, these form the conditioning filters of so-called “objective” perception.

If we wish to meet not only Life, but our truest selves without the false blinkers of the minds filters interposing themselves, then we need to be prepared not to limit ourselves, anybody else, or anything else, by naming anything at all. Once we have named something we have fallen for the false paradigm of perception. To meet both life and ourselves without naming takes tremendous courage and commitment to going beyond the default lines of perception, inbred into every mortal cell of our being.

To meet the Nameless, Formless and Unmanifest on its own terms is to meet ourselves at our most true, most free. Filled with the possibility of creative resonance with the Love which lies hidden beneath the false appearances perceived by the ordinary mind.

Welcome to the blessed state of unknowing.



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