The identity that we choose dictates the only prism through which it is possible to view and understand life. As we are, so the world is. Filled with fear and the world is a fearful place; filled with love and the Beloved is seen in every ordinary moment.

It seems obvious that this is so, yet seldom are we moved to shift our claim to personhood, or question its ultimate validity. We wallow in blind habits of perception which are reinforced by the “evidence” gained through experience. Never asking, is it really so? Only when a cosmic moment visits us, do we even pause in our identification of self as body, mind and emotions, memory and all its associations taken as fact. However, when death of a loved animal, person, job, relationship, core belief or any other form of divine visitation shakes us from our waking slumber, only then do we begin to suspect that life isn’t what we usually take for granted. Reality is not what the senses reveal. True the senses are there to celebrate the yin yang of everything, but they are blinkers to our ability to see beyond the senses.

To see heaven we have to purify the lens of our soul. This means in practical terms to lessen adherence to any point of view, because any point of view, no matter what it is, is just a very slender slice of the reality pie. Yet countries go to war to uphold a “point of view”. The eye of God sees nothing but Itself abroad. It has no point of view. It is incapable of judgement.

Judgement of apparent self and consequently apparent others, is what the mind seems to relish in.

The unicity of all in the magnified reality that is Universal, Unconditional, Perfect Love is only possible when we have stopped taking ourselves personally. When we are capable of seeing the life we are in, the body, mind and personality that It wears as a temporary guise in order for Itself to enjoy relationship with the creation as Itself, then we can know that we are wearing, as Meister Eckhart puts it: “the eye which sees God”. He continues, “the eye which sees God, is the same eye through which God sees me”.

The truth of reality is so simple that it is quite beyond the mind’s ability to see or know. The mind can only know about. Nothing more.

The Knower knows,

The Seer sees

and Being is

Filled with the wonder of

Seeing and Knowing the radical simplicity

of Love.


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