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We are all heirs to the schisms of dualistic thinking.

Yet, when we realize that our part in perpetuating what is – and always has been – “don’t be so unrealistic, so pie-in-the-sky idealistic” – we see that if we do not radically and holistically embrace a different platform of operation (from such schisms), as a species we are doomed to die of mass stupidity.

What is this different platform, this alternate uni-verse?

It is not to deny the tidal compulsion to tribal thinking – “I am part of this ‘we’” – and “you are part of that ‘us’”, and the twain cannot mix like water and oil cannot mix. It doesn’t matter what our own ‘water or oil’ is – it’s all the same comparative, not-that-but-this thinking –  it is the exercising of personal opinion!

Opinion is defined as: “a belief or judgement that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.” This places all opinions as equally unsatisfactory, all opinions as equally  unreliable referents upon which to base any true understanding which might result in effective action in the world.

When we get it that all the assumed tangible credibility of gross objects – our own bodies being just one of the ‘ten thousand thousand things’ – are not solid, neither permanent nor even separate from our perceptions of them – that all things are anatom-ically atom-ically equal – all equally embedded in the inextricably intertwined dancing reality we call ‘life’ – this co-created mandala of relativity, interdepen-dance, depen-dance and indepen-dance is in actuality wholly without hierarchy in value, which (hierarchy) can only be maintained by opinions being held onto ’till-death-do-us-part’.

The sad truth is that you can only know anything to the extent that you know yourself.

You are what you know as information is not who you are.

Who you are is awakening to the  quantum hope of realizing the ancient truths of all faith traditions, the end of all spiritual paths and by dint of deep and sincere yearning with the unasked for gift of divine grace, gaining the buddha Heart, the Christ Consciousness, or becoming the true servant-of-all, of all that is noble, valiant, pure and innocent in each one of us – though damaged angels we appear.

It is then that we can begin to see beyond the obscurantive curtains of flesh, beyond the intractability of matter itself which hides the very source satisfaction of all yearning, the final cessation of all the burning ceaseless, scratching, irritating, scab-pulling, wound-making cauldron of unquenchable, unresolvable desire. Desire – “to wish or long for; crave; want – to express a wish to obtain; ask for; request.

It is in the state of the awakened compassionate heart that we can begin to breathe the same air, and begin to inhabit the state-of-heaven even whilst ‘caught’ in the im-prisming’ half-light of ‘normal’ – the ‘what-can-you-do?’ reality of those untouched by a completely unrealistic, hopelessly idealistic vision of the One Mind, the Simple Heart, the Unified body of G-O-D, the infinite, the ever-present eternity which is our individual and collective birthright – this impossibility, which happens to be the only way out of the crisis we have created for ourselves.

The genius of the human spirit is adaptable enough, courageous enough, inventive enough and true enough for this ‘impossibility’ to become the new ‘normal’.

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