It is the tiny things that shape the quality of our awareness. It is the small easily unnoticed everyday acts which demonstrate one’s capacity for consciously carrying an awareness which some might characterize as ultimate. I will state it for myself in a peculiar way – it is the internal attitude I hold while doing everyday chores that make them freeing or imprisoning. When I feed the Lulu the cat and Lilly the dog, I am not just putting food into bowls, I am feeding a sacred moment of reflection – I know in my heart and being, the way I do the little things, prepares me for the big things.  

To resist what must be done, just because it is repetitive, boring, not seen by anyone else but one’s self, like picking up dog poop automatically, is to resist what life brings us to take care of. I know for myself that whenever something is needing to be done in the moment by moment unfolding of the day if I enter into a debate about whether I want to do it or not, I lose the opportunity to maintain my connection to the ongoing flow of life.

If I do it without resisting its chore-like appearance and flow seamlessly into its fulfillment without internal dialogue or commentary, treating it as the sacramental moment that it is, then I maintain ease of flow within the changing rhythms life. I maintain holy silence within and equanimity without.

The moment I interrupt the flow to become distracted by internal commentary I become a victim of my thoughts and preferences and not a servant to that which is always most high and perfect within me.

I learn to embrace the big moments in life only by generously embracing the smallest most ordinary moments of my day. Each day and each moment is a holy opportunity, not a right, but an inestimable gift to cherish, nurture and respect by attending to what life invite us to be and do, not to what our personal narrative seems to bend us to.

Our lives are not personal to ourselves, but an ongoing opportunity to keep learning how to move away from the “druthers” the unconscious ego is so prone to, and to move into the larger dimension of ourselves where the boundaries between self/other, and subject/object are dissolved in the invisible fire of resistlessly following the silent prompts of Life as it grooms us to ever more perfectly receive and carry the only gift it desires to give us which is Life itself, Life which was never born, nor will ever die.


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